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The Inception Stage

This stage of the project is sometimes also referred to as the Feasibility stage. During this stage we will work with you to define your objectives. This will include the production of the Project Brief which will assess and make recommendations on the following:-

  • Initial Budgetary Requirements
  • Timing / programming guidance.
  • Spacial Requirements
  • Logistical requirements.
  • The type of Building Contract to be employed.
  • Conservation Restrictions
  • Local Planning Authority Guidance
  • Structural Assessment
  • Designer Requirements.
  • Party Wall Assessment
  • Testing and ground investigation Requirements
  • Utility Requirements
  • Valuation Assessment
  • Next Step Action Plan – Design / Planning / Permissions and Cost Certainty

By assessing and evaluating the above with you and or on your behalf, we will produce the Project Brief Report to act as a guide in the next stages of your project's development.

The Project Brief requires four distinct stages

  • Establish your aspirations.
  • Site Visit
  • Local Authority & Market Research
  • Compilation and Issue of the Project Brief / Feasibility Report

When embarking on a construction project, you are entering into a significant commitment of time and finances. The Project Brief / Feasibility Report will ensure that you will enter the next stage of the project fully aware of what is involved and any restrictions that may have to be worked within. We will also advise you of any necessary alterations to the original idea that may need to be considered, including financial costs/implications, and will also provide a next step action plan.