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Complete Construction Project Management - What We Do

Are you embarking on a building project?

Our aim is to take the stress and worry out of your building project by offering a Professional Project Management Service that covers every aspect of the building process.

We offer a 'One Stop Shop' or a service tailored to suit your needs.

No project too small or too large.

Our customers benefit by knowing that when they embark on a construction project, they are not on their own.

Our business is to provide the Project Management skills that allow you to make informed decisions at each stage in your building project in a timely fashion that ultimately provide you with a building that fulfils your aspirations both aesthetically and functionally and that gives you cost certainty during the process.

We are based in Marshfield on the South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire border in the South West of England with an operational area providing Building Project Management Services in Bath , Bristol , Chippenham and the surrounding areas. We will engage with clients nationally or internationally depending on your requirements. We offer a service in keeping with the Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development and our membership of the Chartered Institute of Building.